Thursday, February 17, 2011

Tying the "Sprite" AKA "Lemon Lime"

Here is a sick pattern for spring and early summer.  As soon as the Ryacophila (green rock worms) start showing up, tie one of these on.  I tie these in size 10-16.
In fact, instead of those lame ads that Sprite has, they should make a fly fishing themed commercial for all of us die hards out there.  Simple concept, fish one of these and you'll catch more of these:
And on a separate note, all of this springtime gear preparation has me excited to get a fly rod in the hands of this little monster.
She's only two, but you can be sure that in a couple of years she'll be fishing alongside the dog she is roughing up.

Tying the Tungsten Egg Fly

This may be the last egg patten that you ever tie.  Here is an easy fly that you can tie in under 2 minutes and catches fish year round.  I find it especially effective in the late fall, winter and early spring.  Whether it be for steelhead, big browns or football shaped rainbow trout, this fly produces.  In the winter, it's like candy for steelhead and resident 'bows.  The tungsten bead really helps get the fly down along the bottom where natural eggs drift, and is deadly when fished in tandem with a stonefly or a dead drifted streamer.  Tie a couple and try it out.  I promise you that you won't be disappointed.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Cabin fever anyone?

It came and went.  The one nice day that gets you stirring just as a bear awakening from hibernation.  We had all accepted that winter was going to be a long cold one.  Then out of the blue we get a sunny, windless 50 degree day.  Before we can even think about getting our gear out, its gone.  We've all experienced it before.  I've tied more flies than I can count, built up new leaders and reorganized my fly boxes and I still can't fish.  Heck, I've even tied a bunch of fly orders for other people, but what I really can't wait to do is get out on the water.  Cabin fever seems to have really gotten the best of me this year.