Thursday, December 16, 2010

First snowfall in PA

With the holidays right around the corner, its only natural that we are getting our first snowfall in Philadelphia.  While I haven't been able to make a trip up to the Salmon River for steelhead, I have been busy at the fly tying bench.  It's always interesting to look at your boxes at the end of the season to see what worked, what will be replenished, and what will be subject to removal.  I've been busy tying up the usual pheasant tails, hare and coppers as well as a number of new Acetate Floss nymphs.  I'll post some pictures later, as well as a review / comparison of the Greys 10' 3 wt. Streamflex and the brand new Orvis 10' 4 wt. Access.  Both should be arriving any day now.

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