Monday, March 4, 2013

The Big, The Bad & The Ugly

We were out doing some shopping and thought that I'd make a quick stop into Cabela's to see what they had in their Bargain Cave.  While I didn't walk out with any big purchases (a good thing), I did find bags of rabbit scraps in their fly tying section.  It had good sized chunks of hides in all colors for 3 bucks a bag.  Anyone that ties a lot of rabbit streamers like myself knows that those little bags add up - I figured I'd take a chance and see what I could get out of these "scraps".  I picked up 2 bags and what you see here is what I got out of one of them.  Time to start browsing for some new patterns and logging in some hours at the tying bench.

The bags came with rabbit pelts dyed in all colors
After about an hour, I was left with perfectly cut and packaged zonker strips.  Not bad for a $3 investment.

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